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Customize Your Vinyl Flooring with ORACAL 651

Customize Your Vinyl Flooring with ORACAL 651

November 19, 2021 0 Comments

If you are the type of person that likes to have unique, eye-catching designs on your floors, but are also worried about the difficulty of doing so with traditional vinyl flooring, then it might be time to consider ORACAL 651. This new line of calendared vinyl is perfect for permanent indoor or outdoor applications, providing a beauty and durability that will last for years on end! Vinyl flooring is an excellent base for any project, whether it's your living room, garage, or bedroom.

What is ORACAL 651?

ORACAL 651 is a type of vinyl with dye-based inks that can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces. The item is known for its color permanence, strength, durability, and flexibility. It is important to know that ORACAL 651 vinyl offers excellent resistance to harsh environments, ozone deterioration, UV light, tears, dirt and stains.The product is easy to install and it offers great versatility. ORACAL 651 can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces.

Pro and Cons of ORACAL 651

The Pro of using ORACAL 651 is the versatility. It offers many colors, patterns, and designs which can be cut with a knife or computerized machine. The Con of using ORACAL 651 is that it will not hold up well outdoors in high traffic areas like on sidewalks or outside entrances to buildings. 

How to Install and Maintain ORACAL 651

Installing ORACAL 651 is an affordable way to customize your vinyl flooring the way you want it. Since it is a powder, you can mix colors and patterns on site for no extra cost. To make sure the flooring stays looking new, you'll need to follow some simple maintenance tips. 

Designing a Flooring Project with ORACAL 651

ORACAL 651 is an easy-to-use vinyl flooring material for customizable designs. It offers superior clarity and durability in a wide variety of colors, shades, and textures. When you're ready to create your next plan, use the pre-templated patterns in ORACAL 651's library to get started. The result is a flooring plan that's easy to implement. You can use the pre-templated designs to lay out your project.

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This blog provides a detailed review of the Oracal 651 five-year vinyl flooring. It has a wide selection of styles and colors, but it is difficult to find a good selection in a small area.  

If you’re looking for the best vinyl flooring in your home, look no further. The Oracal 651 is the best vinyl flooring vinyl. It’s also one of the most efficient vinyl flooring for commercial applications.

The main advantage of the Oracal 651 is its capacity. It can cover large floors that are difficult to install and maintain. This vinyl flooring can withstand heavy traffic and high footfall. The product also comes with a great warranty that covers up to 10 years.